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Antifreeze & Coolant. Antifreeze is a chemical which improves the cooling properties of water so that its boiling point is higher and its freezing point is lower. It typically has a sweet but mildly harsh scent, and is quite toxic. The two most common formulations are ethylene glycol (yellow-green) and propylene glycol (red-orange). 
Asian Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant has a distinctly orange color to help differentiate it from conventional engine coolant, which is typically but not always green. While deleterious effects are not expected to be significant, the mixing of conventional coolants with Asian Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant will result in a lower than ...

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Mopar® Antifreeze/Coolant, or the equivalent ethylene-glycol base coolant with organic corrosion inhibitors (called OAT, for Organic Additive Technology) is recommended. This coolant offers the best engine cooling without corrosion when mixed with 50% ethylene-glycol and 50% distilled water to obtain a freeze point of -37°C (-35°F). Mix in other colors. Whether you're using wet or dry watercolors, you can also make different types of pink such as by adding a dab of purple and then yellow To make pink paint by mixing other colors together, start by mixing equal parts red and white paint together. Add more white paint if you want a...
Bought my 2019 Ranger maybe 2 months ago. Was checking the fluids yesterday and the engine coolant that is in the reservoir now is pink. I guess it’s possible it’s a very light orange color but it looks very pink. Would it be alright to mix the recommended orange in there or is it safer to drain...
If a coolant filter is equipped DO NOT USE a SCA charged coolant filter with HD ELC AFC’s. Only use a non-charged filter when equipped. Light-duty/Medium-duty OAT Antifreeze/Coolants Color: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, other colors could be used. Check formulation before making decisions on mixing/top-off or converting to
Aug 23, 2012 · i use the toyota pink coolant in my sr20det s13 240sx, for about 40k now. it makes it easy to spot leaks too because it crystalizes pink and green coolant it says use for ALL MAKES ALL MODELS, go for it. you'll be fine. i wouldn't mix that GM dexcool stuff with toyota pink for example though 3-4 years toyota & lexus tech
JR, Thanks for your question about your Mazda 5. Even though it is expensive we would recommend you using the Mazda specified antifreeze. Many less expensive “universal” antifreezes claim to be able to mix with all kinds of antifreeze but in our experience, they may keep your engine cool, but they may also cause particulates to form or other problems down the road.
There is no distinguishable difference between neon green, pink, or orange coolant. Still, some recipes may use organic compounds that may appeal to you. Regardless of the color of antifreeze you choose, you should realize that coolant can be toxic to humans and pets. Therefore, you should not allow children, dogs or cats to drink spilled ...
Good God people, the factory expensive ass red coolant has lubricating qualities, and the simple fact of the pink stain it leaves when it leaks through a broken top tank or water pump or what ever. The toyota red crap is the ONLY coolant to use if there is any love for your truck.
Nov 30, 2007 · Toyota has 2 types of coolent, Red and Pink. The red is a long life and the pink is a super long life. Do not mix them and do not mix in green. The Pink is premixed so you can just pore is right into the motor, the Red needs to be mixed 50/50.
For exact pinks, it also depends on what mixing system(pigment or ink) you are using. For some pigment-based mixing systems, fluorescent +1 on the magenta if you have it. If you don't you wont get a very bright pink. You can put an under base, but personally I would Print/Flash/Print assuming...
Modern antifreeze, he says, is 96-percent ethylene glycol, which provides the freeze protection, and four-percent additives. When you dilute that blend 50-50 with "Cars born with green coolant shouldn't be changed to orange," Turcotte advises. It's also a bad idea to mix the two, although the result...
Dec 17, 2017 · Red, pink or orange coolants, as found in some equipment, may last as long as five years without being changed. It is not advisable to mix coolant colours, as sludge can form inside the system if different types are mixed. Bear in mind that antifreeze is poisonous. It is sweet-tasting but can kill animals or even children. How to test
In most areas, a 50/50 solution is recommended for year-round use. If the weather turns extremely cold, you can add a slightly higher proportion of antifreeze without hurting your cooling system. Never exceed a 70/30 mixture of antifreeze to water. Freeze protection actually worsens with too much antifreeze and not enough water.
That really is the easiest way. Premixed and you just dump it in. No trying to figure out mix ratios, and hoping that it is the right antifreeze. There may be more, but I have seen red, green, blue, yellow, pink, and orange antifreeze.
Jul 16, 2019 · If you have a Ford vehicle, you can’t go wrong with this cooling fluid. Ford manufactured it, meaning you can trust your car’s engine health on it. The best thing about this fluid is the fact that it’s already diluted. It has been mixed with water on a 50/50 ration. Thus, you won’t need to mix it with water.
May 30, 2020 · In addition, the quality defoamer that’s included will help prevent the damage that foam can cause on your coolant system. You won’t have to worry about changing your antifreeze for a while, as this product should work for up to five years or 100,000 miles. You can enjoy peace of mind however far you’re traveling this year!
Jan 13, 2009 · Ok, so looking at my coolant in the reservoir of my 2002 Jetta Wagon, the coolant is a transparent dark orange color. I hear G12 has been Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, orange, red-orange...
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Sep 20, 2012 · It's OK to mix the same types of antifreeze. There are basically two types, the older Blue or Green ethylene/glycol which lasts for two years and will be what is in a 1999 Fiesta or the newer 5 year Red/orange organic stuff (not sure what it's made of but you can google it).

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If the system (except for Chrysler L/H) has orange or pink, use Prestone or Havoline orange for top-up. All you have on hand is regular U.S. yellow/gold or green? Well, if you're desperate, use what you've got, because it's better than running low o n coolant and possibly overheating. But the mixture is shortening the life of the antifreeze. Feb 19, 2019 · The traditional coolant used for keeping engines at their proper temperature contains 50% water. Even when you purchase antifreeze for your vehicle, most manufacturers encourage you to cut the coolant in half with water. Any coolant option which contains water promotes overheating and may contribute to premature engine corrosion. I know that you can mix the same grade of coolant, i.e a VW pink G12 with the new G12 coolant which looks purple is ok but different grades and colours are bad. andy-xr 13,204 posts

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I notice today that my antifreeze is below min. I want to add more antifreeze but I do not know which one to use. The other car in my family is a GM and they use Prestone DEX-COOL. I was not sure if I could use this since it is orange in color just like what is in my car. If not which brand would you guys recommend. Thanks for all of the help Dave Jun 20, 2007 · TSB - PG010-02 in 2002 says "The new pink coolant is 100% compatible with the current red coolant and red coolant can be used to replace, top off, or mix in with the pink coolant with no adverse effects." A Subaru bulletin says: "Be certain not to substitute the long-life OAT type found in certain domestic cars.

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the metallic compostion of the radiators has been changed in the past few years by a number of car companies[ more aluminum],and the newer red/orange coolant is a match for the radiators-- if you can clean it all out , then you can switch, BUT it will mean a shorter life for your cooling components and radiator. You can mix different antifreeze brands and coolants together as long as the coolants are the same colors as each other. What you can't do though is mix green and orange engine coolant together as it can create a gel like substance which makes it hard for the coolant to go through your engine.

Dream of dead person in white clothes can u mix red and pink antifreeze? my car is running out. it's a 2010 toyota camry and it has, what it looks like, the pink antifreeze. it's like 33 dollars at the dealer, but then again. i went to kragen last night and they said it was compatible with the red. is it fine to use the red or are there any side effects to that? A Coolant or antifreeze liquid plays a significant role in preventing the engine of your car from overheating and also in maintaining its temperature and Question 2: I have mixed orange and green coolants, now what should I do to prevent my car from the consequences of this? Question 3: How to...

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Only mix the green with the pink if it says it's compatible with ALL types of anitfreeze. The pink came out because it is more compatible with aluminum parts which most engines Also, use a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze for best protection. Straight antifreeze doesn't work as well as a 50/50 mix.Just bought a quart of antifreeze from the dealer and it cost $10 and its premixed so I bought a half a quart of water. I was just wondering whats the difference between the brp antifreeze and regular universal automotive antifreeze. I can buy a gallon of full strength universal for around $15 and itll make two gallons.

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OAT comes in a range of colors including orange and bright green. HOAT antifreeze is usually a mix of OAT and some corrosion inhibitors. HOAT antifreeze can last for 150,000 miles and comes in several colors including yellow and orange. Individual auto manufacturers will have recommendations for which type you should use in a specific vehicle. What color does blue and orange make? Blue and orange are complimentary colors which mean that they are located on opposite sides of the color chart that you can see on the right of this page. All complimentary color mixes make the color brown. Thus, blue and orange makes brown.

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Every company's anti-freezes have different combinations of additives and inhibitors, making it difficult to clear up some myths and misconceptions. There has been a very lively discussion going on about "Red" or Dexcool® antifreeze and regular "Green" antifreeze.Orange antifreeze should not be mixed with green antifreeze because they are not compatible. In the past, there was only one kind of coolant (anti-freeze) and that was the green liquid. Today, there are two: The green coolant and the orange colored coolant, which is also known as 31, you will see that it requires the orange coolant spec VC-3-B which is the same as what I told the OP. Also, Ford states that depending on certain years, not makes, which coolant to use. My 2011 F150 uses orange too. Also, If you do not plan on using just 1 gallon of 50/50, You can get it for about $12 at your Ford dealership.

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Oct 08, 2019 · Confusion continues over coolant colours for cars. Of course, there is still the good old green stuff, but there is also orange, yellow (gold and amber), red, pink, blue and, if you mix the wrong things together, brown.

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Jul 14, 2020 · There is green antifreeze and orange antifreeze. Or at least that's how it used to be. These days you can actually get yellow antifreeze, blue antifreeze, pink antifreeze and more. The fact is, mixing these liquids is not safe. If you run low on antifreeze, you can't just pour any old bottle of stuff you find at Walmart.